Why I started this blog

Welcome to my Going Greener Journey.

So if you’re wondering why did I start this blog and what’s it all about?

Well after being inspired by PinkSoFoxy on Youtube Check her out here. So briefly she decided to turn to more natural products and I wish to do the same. After thinking about all the chemicals within my beauty products, and reading about how some can be harmful! I wanted to stay away from them.

Seriously, have you looked at the back of your facial moisturiser or Mascara  Do you even know what some of the ingredients are? It’s pretty shocking isn’t it?

I try to take care of what I put into my body food wise, so I want and need to take care of what I put onto my skin. The skin is the largest organ after all..

My starting place is with my beauty products. I want to turn to more natural, organic, chemical-free, and environmentally friendly products. And for the creative part in me I want to make the products myself if possible!

Along my ‘Going Greener’ journey I will also be looking at making my home a more chemical-free and environmentally friendly place to live for me and my pets!

I hope I’ve inspired you or given you some food for thought.

Take Care.


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