Nature’s First Aid: Comfrey oil.

comfrey-oil-150ml-10420I’d thought I’d share my recent experience with this amazing plant!  After reading about this wonderful plant and after having a blood test recently.

I decided to apply Comfrey oil a few times daily to the affected area. Much to my surprise it helped!  My bruise had pretty much gone in a few days and you couldn’t tell I’d even had that awful blood test! (I normally bruise like I ‘don’t-know-what’ after a blood test.

During my research I also found that Comfrey oil can also help with dry skin, sprains, broken bones, bruises and healing cuts! 

But a word of warning though that it can’t be applied to very deep cuts because of its rapid healing abilities. It rapidly ‘knits’ the skin together!


Are you amazed? I was too! But I’m going to be turning to Comfrey oil more for the above symptoms!


Happy natural healing!

Stacey xo